See something you like on this website that you want to use?

Awesome!  I spend a lot of time writing for this website when I could be writing songs and playing my guitar instead so it is always positive thing to hear when people like something on this website.  Although I cannot allow you to just reprint/reuse articles and other digital materials or to cut and paste it onto your own website without permission (it’s a copyright thing, you know) you can use much of the content and media on this website if you play by the rules.

These rules apply to all nonprofit organizations and to individuals who wish to use an article for NON-COMMERCIAL private websites, blogs, and other digital or print media.

My goal is to promote women musicians so I will be all Wikipedia (which is only fair because I relied heavily on Wikipedia to get started with this website) and let you share under the following conditions:

  • First, check the bottom of every article. If someone else deserves credit for something, I state so on the page.  Just because I have permission to use something does not mean you do.  You are responsible for independently obtaining permission on your own, same as I had to do.
  • If it does not belong to someone else, then it belongs to me and I can give you permission to use it.
  • You must link back to the original article, mention this website, and give proper attribution as will be indicated on the bottom of the content or media.

Special Conditions For Commercial Use

If you wish to use material from this website for commercial purposes the rules and conditions listed above apply but you also have to pay for the use of the article, content, or media.    For pricing information please email us.

Wikipedia Content

If an article came directly from Wikipedia, I give credit and a link to the Wikipedia page in the article.  In this case, you must comply with Wikipedia’s terms and conditions for reuse and do not need my permission.   However, I do recommend you visit the actual Wikipedia page as I have edited much of the information I gleaned from Wikipedia for this website (you will find more in-depth information Wikipedia for artists than you will find on Music Ladyland.)